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Chris is one of the most experienced professional dog walkers in Albany. Chris has been walking the dogs of Albany and Delmar full time since 2011. He both owns and operates his business. Over the thousands of walks and miles he has cultivated a deep understanding of the subtle body language and behaviors of dogs on leash. Chris also operates a national pre-employment criminal background company serving owners of walking companies nationwide. Safety is his top priority.

PetProCheck LLC

Est. 2017

“This is all I do! All day Monday-Friday since early 2011 I’ve done nothing but walk dogs, watch dogs, and develop a deep bond with my canine clients as well as their owners. I’ve never strayed from my mission to advocate for canine health and well being through safe exercise”. – Chris

You are also sending your dog out on a walk with someone who has a proven track record of safety.

“I’ve pretty much seen it all! Strays running up while I’m walking, dogs charging from a yard or porch, even some interesting wild animal encounters. There is no substitute for experience when you have one or two seconds to determine how to diffuse, avoid, or protect. I’ve had to do all three many times and after thousands of walks no dog has ever been returned home injured. Actually, I’ve returned some lost pets while at work a few times, ha!” – Chris

What Our Clients Say

“I love seeing Chris every week day while my family is away! He takes me on nice walks and gives me some needed one-on-one attention! Chris is patient with me when the weather is not ideal and I don’t really want to go outside. My family reads aloud his daily report about our time together as soon as they come home. I just love Chris my dog walker!”

Sincerely, Daphne

“Every day I look forward to seeing my friend, Chris, who takes me on a walk while my family is out of the house. Chris has helped me remember my leash manners and we always have fun on our walks. My family is happy because they can leave for their days knowing that I won’t be home alone the entire time they are gone.”


“My mom is a teacher and a coach and often times has long days at work. I lay and wait by the door knowing at 11 am each day Chris is coming to walk me! Some days it’s a quick walk, other days, it’s a 30 minute adventure! What’s awesome about Chris is he keeps up with me, and I’m a maniac! He also knows where my treats are for when we get back from our walk together.   He also is super flexible in case my mom gets a snow day and needs to cancel. Rain or shine, we’re walkin! As I’m eating my treat, he’s writing up my report card telling my mom what a good boy I was.”

Gunner, The Goldendoodle

“Chris has been my walker since I was 5 months old! He not only walks me every day, but trains me to heel & keeps me safe. Having Chris come to let me out is the best part of my morning, without a doubt! I often repay him with loud howls of greeting and lots of face licking, so I’m pretty sure he loves seeing me as much as I love seeing him. I would definitely recommend Chris to all my dog friends because he’s a great dog walker who cares about his dogs and communicates very well with other humans.”


Dear Fur Friends, It’s lonely when my owner is away, when Chris shows up it makes my day. We walk and talk.  I get to poop and pee.  Sniff and feel glee.  I highly recommend this guy, he is the best. And I get a report card, that tells the rest! Hire Chris, it makes for a happy day.


We wish our family didn’t have to go to work.  They should be home playing with us!  By late morning we are just ready to burst.  Then Chris comes to see us and we go out to play.  He’s been part of our family since we were puppies.  Once when Lu got sick, Chris even took care of her.   Chris is the best!

Lacy and Lulu

Trusted Partners

When you hire Chris you only work with Chris. There is no turnover of staff and new people in your home. Once you come on board Chris will be the only face your dog sees at the door as well as the only person who will enter your home.

“My clients are like family. I have clients whose children were little kids when we met and now I see them driving and going to college. My average client stays with me for at least 5 years and some I’ve had for all 8! I’ve walked people through first puppy and first loss, we laugh and then grieve together.” – Chris

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